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With all the ‘do good deeds’ and ‘do unto thy neighbour…’ that has literally been beaten into our souls while we were growing up, I often wondered why some corrupt politicians and other people in power seemed to go from crime to crime without losing any sleep over it, and they just seemed to prosper at the cost of the common folk.

And I wondered about it all the way until about 20 minutes ago. Because that’s when I read this news article about how the German authorities arrested a 93-year-old alleged former guard at the Nazi death camp Auschwitz on charges of complicity in the mass murder of prisoners [Link to the article]. He is believed to have worked at the camp between autumn 1941 and its closure in 1945. Now that’s a long way to judgement, but it has come nonetheless. And you can almost hear the old bugger mutter, “Au shitz.!”

And while that news of justice is not exactly to do with an of our corrupt folk in India, it does offer a big ray of hope; that karma does exist.

Nothing better to conclude with, than the famous line on the wall from the scene in Shawshank Redemption“His judgment cometh and that right soon.”


What goes around comes around, by Mark Ward.


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