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Can We Easily Spot Left-Brain and Right-Brain Thinkers?

Can We Easily Spot Left-Brain and Right-Brain Thinkers?

Just a thought. And I could be wrong.

How can we easily spot a strong left-brain, or a right-brain thinker?

In an argument/ discussion between two people with strong, opposing views – is it possible that those who tend to reply almost instantly each time, especially early on, without sufficient information, are left-brain thinkers?
And those who might take a moment to assess both the opposite side’s comment, gauge their reaction, anger levels, body language, etc. before reply appropriately, right-brain thinkers?

Or is it possible that we think and react differently, depending on the topic of discussion, the situation, the people involved, etc.?

I don’t know. Yet. What do you think?

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