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A Session on Innovation, Design Thinking & The Future of Work

A Session on Innovation, Design Thinking & The Future of Work

Earlier this week, I was invited to conduct a session around ‘Innovation, Design Thinking and the Future of Work’ at the Indian School of Management & Entrepreneurship, for a batch of about 170 grad students from Vaze College. The most enjoyable session I’ve had so far.


An ideation exercise I conducted, had the students thinking of ideas to replace the irreplaceable smartphone. And what innovative ideas they were!! Absolutely impressive! I barely heard 6-7 ideas for fear of running out of time. If only there was enough time to hear all the ideas.



The session started with about 4-5 students believing themselves to be creative and innovative. By the end of the session, over 80% of them believed they were innovative and creative. It was a truly humbling experience. With these brilliant folk entering professional life soon, the future looks promising!



While I’d really like to list out some of the ideas that the students came up with during the session, I’ll resist the temptation. In the hope that at least some of them would pursue their idea and make a world-transforming business out of it in the near future.




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  1. Great show Shrutin. Best place to instil the virtues of thinking of innovation & design principles is among the students. That is how India can expect to reap the demographic dividend. Appreciate the participate & learning by doing approach. Keep the good work on.

    1. Thanks a lot, Vivek! Students are the best! Do you conduct sessions/ teach? I really enjoy all opportunities to interact with students. At the end of such sessions, it’s tough to say who learnt more from whom. They have so much to teach us. You’re right about it being a great way to boost India’s demographic dividend!
      Thanks again! Wish you the best!!

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