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Need Ideas? Dress Down

Need Ideas? Dress Down

Despite the Mumbai heat, I don’t miss an opportunity to wear a suit. Especially to a first-time work meeting. However, things are different if the agenda of a meeting is problem solving or ideating. Then, I don’t just prefer, but also strongly recommend a casual dress code.


Think about the times you get the best ideas. It could be about work, about hobbies, about fitness, recipes, or even new businesses. I bet if you were to look back on your life, two locations might be the luckiest places you’ve had those light bulb moments at.

Those are probably when you were in bed, or in the shower (or even sitting on the throne for that matter).
In bed, good chances are you’re either dressed light, or half naked.
Then there is the shower. Ever frantically looked around for someplace and means of writing your idea, because you were sure you’d forget if you waited till you finished? Like the hundreds of ideas before that.
The seemingly priceless ideas that unwittingly got washed away with the flowing water.

So, next time you’re sitting to brainstorm some great ideas for your business or at work…. no, don’t stroll in in the buff!
But strongly consider dressing casually. You and your teammates would be more at ease. You’d be able to think of ideas that might have otherwise remained elusive. Formal attire somehow tends to do that. Often because you are busy adjusting your trousers, or feeling the choking of the tie around your neck.

Could that be why most innovative companies are never stuck up about things like dress code?
So remember… Need ideas? Dress down!


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  1. Maybe you get the best ideas when you walk away from the notebooks and the laptops and the smartphone things. Maybe when you allow your brain to clear a little, there’s space for some innovation in there.

    1. Makes sense. A walk too, perhaps. What are the places you get the best ideas more consistently than at other times/places?
      Are you alone at those times, or with particular family members/friends?

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