If You’re Gonna Fly

If You’re Gonna Fly

Now that’s how one should live their life.

For those of you in India, I’m sure you saw the news about the Air India flight that made an emergency landing at Jaipur airport on Sunday night. [link]

Air India

For those who missed the news, here’s what happened: 173 passengers aboard a plane that has been in service for 22 years, Air India’s oldest | originally flying to New Delhi | the captain had been flying for over 12 hours, almost at a stretch | zero visibility at Delhi airport led to diversion of the flight to Jaipur airport | zero visibility at Jaipur airport too, but low fuel made it impossible to divert again | the captain decided to land anyway, using the Instrument Landing System (ILS) | the hard landing significantly damaged the tyres and landing gear, causing the plane to careen off the runway | part of a wing then collided with something on the runway and got ripped off | the plane was damaged beyond repair.

The 173 passengers. Safe.

Apparently, the captain has been derostered, pending investigation. But if you had just saved the lives of 173 people, would you care a fork if you were derostered? I definitely wouldn’t.

That said, I think the captain and plane have a message there on how we should live our lives. Serve our purpose or objective to the fullest, and at any cost. And when you’re done with life, go out completely expended.

..if you’re gonna die, die with your boots on,
If you’re gonna try, well stick around..

~ Die with your boots onIron Maiden


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