Illusions and Delusions

Imran Khan is a decent actor. Delhi Belly was probably the best of the lot he has churned out.

Then there’s Babita Kumari. A Silver medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Then a Bronze medalist at the 2012 World Wrestling Championships. And finally, a Gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Games!!
Her remarkable story, and that of her elder sister’s, were made famous by the recent Bollywood hit, Dangal.

If you were, by some stretch of imagination, to compare her achievements with that of Imran Khan’s; Imran’s would certainly be dwarfed by hers. That would be the case with most of us too. People like Babita, her sister, and her father, are rare. Not to mention her up-and-coming siblings.

And yet, if you look at this picture that Babita posted on Instagram yesterday, she seems to be in awe, and he, cool and composed, an ‘already arrived’ kind of look.

Before others see what you’re worth, you need to. And if Babita knew what she had achieved, Imran would have been the one posting somewhere on social media, about meeting a rare Indian superstar, Babita, at this party.

How about you? Are you grounded and hopeful? Or do you use the illusion? Or are you delusional?

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