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We Need Better Staplers

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It took a nice bleeding cut, thanks to a tough staple pin that held some car mats together, for me to realize how hostile the world was for animals.

Staple-less staplers exist, but are far from commonplace. Got to wonder why they are so expensive. A cursory look on Amazon showed the cheapest (mini) stapler available for INR 80, while staple-less staplers seemed to cost around 17x more!

To elaborate a little, while we could get away with folding corners of a few unimportant sheets to keep them together, important documents could risk tearing or getting misplaced.

So, how does one hold larger documents together; fastened with a material that when disposed, does not pose a risk to (external injury to, or if accidentally consumed by) animals?

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  1. There are options of Upins and spiral binding but ofcourse not that everyone can have it, there was a pinless of attaching papers together was hole in corner and thread itthe way we do in exams for supplement sheets or else one can fold the corner tear a small portion in that folded part and again fold it.
    As shown in below image

    1. There definitely seem to be many options, Swati. Had forgotten the thread to tie exam papers. That brought back a lot of memories about it. =)

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