Be Your Best Judge

Be Your Best Judge

This is a small extract from Michael E. Gerber’s ‘Awakening the Entrepreneur Within’. Michael Gerber is the bestselling author of The E-Myth Revisited, E-Myth Mastery.

He says “Unfortunately, most businesses don’t close soon enough. They just linger on and on and on, surviving as best they can. Entrepreneurs should never create a business simply because it can survive. To do so would be to commit oneself to daily dying. Entrepreneurs create business that thrive.”

I guess that simply says a lot.

While starting companies is one thing, but something that entrepreneurs should always constantly do is judge or evaluate their business/ progress/ future growth, rather than losing sight of the big picture in the race to capture more market share…

Judging based on the business itself, competitors, and on the vision.

Many companies just seem to drag the eventuality, that way burning tons of money, sabotaging employee careers, and neither growing nor benefiting from the business.

Opposed to that, it sure takes the rare soul to accept defeat, wrap up, and fight another day.

And there is an advantage to that. Your big business could be based on the idea you get after you’ve freed your mind of a business that’s just trudging along. So be your best judge, and take a good call.


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  1. Maybe it is a mix of myopic vision coupled with obsession with your own idea or an ego that convinces u tht it has to work someday?

    1. Thanks for the comment Su. and yeah, that’s very true, and precisely why one must keep gauging oneself based on certain criteria or parameters to get a real perspective of things, rather than just go blindly fueling one’s ego or obsession.
      I feel the sensible ones (who usually make it big eventually) would have feelings and fears similar to the ‘obsessed’ folks. And while from the outside, both might appear ‘obsessed with the idea’, the sensible one’s obsession would usually be backed by the gauging he or she has done, whereas that of the obsessed one is just plain obsession.

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