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Can You Handle This? Dangers of Bad Design

Can You Handle This? Dangers of Bad Design

When making products, or even installing one, more often than not, haste does make waste. Some calmness and a little imagination goes a long way in avoiding the following…

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Above, is the inside of a rear door of a Maruti Eeco. I wonder how Maruti could  have designed the door handle to block movement of the window roller. You actually end up opening the door while attempting to roll down the window. Now even if I assume that the owner of this vehicle that I sat in, perhaps changed the angle of the door handle (by removing and fitting it at a different angle on the nut), Maruti should have ‘idiot-proofed’ it by placing the two handles sufficiently apart from each other. Yet, in the age of automatic locking and power windows,  this is what one of the auto majors in India has to offer.

This one takes the cake. I made a bunch of pit stops on a recent trip, so I’m still trying to remember at which hotel/ restaurant I took this picture, but it does make you wonder about what kind of thoughts could possibly have gone behind it. It’s funny for blokes like me, but wonder how women would use it. And I don’t know if the placement would make them laugh, or ”piss them off”.


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    1. Hahaha. Well, not only in India. Am sure the world has funnier things to offer. These were just for laughs, and to impress upon people, the importance of some rational thought before designing something.

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