Bitcoin, Bit(e)coin   I’ll start by saying that I clearly don’t know much about cryptocurrency. I’ll also add that it would be incredibly beneficial to have a global currency that works securely without the need for intermediaries and their resulting transaction fees.   However, I find bitcoin a bit concerning, and here are my thoughts…

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Behavioural Law

The field of economics is steadily realizing the importance of behavioural economics as a more accurate model for policy and economic modeling. It is time the legal education ecosystem factored behaviour into their courses too.

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Shared Tables

Shared Tables This amusing but perhaps effective picture I saw in this tweet last month got some thoughts rolling. We could all use some personal space in public. Especially in countries like India. Where the population, combined with the general lack of regard for other’s personal space can be quite a challenge. Growing up, I…


Venture Realty Capital

Venture Realty Capital Back when I worked in the venture capital space, startups always came seeking a lot of investment. Often far more than they needed. We would sit with ventures we thought had some potential, and during the process, break down the investment needs. Eventually, we would arrive at a number that was close…